Learning and reading 2016

Here is a list of articles I read this past year. They prompted me to learn something new or to change something in my life, so I thought I’ll share them.

Lessons from work

Messaging is the only interface in which the machine communicates with you much the same as the way you communicate with it.

Text messaging as an interface (vs. apps and voice-based commands).

Only 51% of US smartphone users still download new apps.

Just one of the reasons why apps are slowly dying out (statistics).

Those occupations that bank on creativity, empathy, and intuition will thrive despite IoT and AI replacing many white collar jobs.

“The Jobs IoT Will Remove — and the Ones It Will Create” was one of our most popular blog posts at Unified Inbox.

The #1 trend in 2016 was #IoT (the “Internet of Things”), closely followed by #AI (Artificial Intelligence) which could overtake IoT in 2017 already:

The rapid development of AI and IoT related technologies give an unprecedented rise to concerns about privacy, security and the future of the internet:

Developments in science & education

One of my passions – music

  • Music and marbles – one hell of a machine
  • Music – the key to success? – by developing collaboration, creativity, discipline and the capacity to reconcile conflicting ideas, it helps train you to think differently, to process different points of view.
  • What music does to our brains – consider that article the next time you put your preferred music style on your C.V.
  • One of the most talented young musicians takes lessons via Skype from teachers around the world. Teaching music lessons remotely is what my final paper at university was about – though my teacher told me this will likely never happen…

About startups, entrepreneurship and angel investing

Meanwhile in society

Work life balance and productivity

Don’t promise when you’re happy, don’t reply when you’re angry, and don’t decide when you’re sad.

It’s imperative to control your emotions if you truly want to be productive.

Personal Development

You will never get any more out of life than you expect.

These never before seen writings from Bruce Lee are an excellent reminder that we still have a long way to go to truly utilize our minds’ full potential and how important it is to cultivate that.

Other learnings:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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