The Different States of Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom

I sometimes wonder about the different usage of these terms, their meaning and how we can apply them to our daily lives. Thanks to “wiser” people than myself ;) I am trying to put my feeling (or rather current state of mind) into a post here:

The “Conscious” States:

The One who is curious, satisfies his curiosity by “knowledge”.

The One who passionately obtains knowledge, can be considered “intellectual”.

The One who applies intellectuality practically and gains experiences, ultimately gets “wisdom”.

The One who self-controls sharing of wisdom with whom, when, how and without an egoistic mind, can be deemed “wise”.

The “Subconscious” (or latent) States:

The One who does not know he is wise and is not curious either, may feel “content”.

The One who does not remember his wisdom but can feels its peace, is at “ease”.

The One who is at ease, may access or express his wisdom “involuntarily”.

The One who controls his subconscious, may learn freely about him “self”.

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